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              Hello, welcome to visit the website of Jiangsu Xinrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chinese | English

              Human Resources
              Current locationHOME > Human Resources > Human Resources

              Talent first is the core of our corporate culture. We always seek to attract and appoint outstanding talents, we also work to train our existing employees. We strive to establish a comprehensive education and training system and to create a mutually beneficial environment that gives equal opportunity to every employee to become an excellent talent in the industry.

              Capacity building We are building a high-quality, well-structured team with sufficient number of skilled, innovative, inter-disciplinary talents. We work to create more opportunities for our employees to help them in better planning their career and to provide what it takes to technology innovation and management innovation. We acknowledge and reward employees who have excellent performance or outstanding contributions.

              Improving our salary and welfare policy: We have implemented a plan for further improvement after a systematic assessment of our current policy, which involves wages, allowances, subsidies and material benefits.

              ?We have a human resources management system which standardizes and integrates various data related to human resources. The system is effective in optimizing allocation of human resources, standardizing personnel management, improving personnel management efficiency, and improving personnel training.

              Copyright www.xigcl.com (Copy) Jiangsu Xinrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

              Telephone+86 513 80690949 +86 513 80690948 Fax+86 513 68765249 Emailinfo@xinrui-pharm.com

              AddressNo. 7 Yuejiang Road, New Material Industrial Park, Changjiang Town, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

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