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              Hello, welcome to visit the website of Jiangsu Xinrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chinese | English
              Current locationHOME > ISO > quality management system

              Under the leadership of general manager, our quality management system consists of QA department and QC department, which perform the functions of quality assurance and quality control respectively. We organize manufacture activities with cGMP standard. Our quality management system containing a full set of procedures, technical standards and standard operating procedures.
              Our QC department is responsible for analytical testing of raw materials, products, intermediates, water used in production and environmental monitoring.
              QA department is responsible for establishing and improving our quality system. Its functions include but not limited to assessment and evaluation of suppliers, sourcing and warehousing of raw materials, supervising process of manufacturing, release and distribution of finished products,handling customer complaints, performing on-site super vision, organising and implementing GMP self-inspections, performing product quality review, and organising cGMP trainings periodically. It also committed to continual improvement through our CAPA system.

              Copyright www.xigcl.com (Copy) Jiangsu Xinrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

              Telephone+86 513 80690949 +86 513 80690948 Fax+86 513 68765249 Emailinfo@xinrui-pharm.com

              AddressNo. 7 Yuejiang Road, New Material Industrial Park, Changjiang Town, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

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